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Crying on your bike

So yesterday I was riding into Ovando in the late afternoon. It was an incredibly beautiful time of day, the sun slanting low over the green hills and fields of Montana. I was thinking about other times in Ovando, and then I got to thinking about Leah the woman who was tragically killed by a grizzly bear in downtown Ovando, three years ago. So I was happy to be there and complete the circle by riding into town, but also very sad and suddenly I was overcome with emotion and was crying on my bicycle. Not just a few tears, but racked with sobs.

Needless to say, this is somewhat unusual for me. In all my years of biking and touring and living to this age, this is definitely a first. I do not spend a lot of time getting in touch with my emotions. When I got to Ovando I recorded this video as proof that I evidently do have emotions and all I have to do to get in touch with my feelings is ride really hard for a week, be in pain with neck and back injuries and get food poisoning. Easy peasy anyone can do it.

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Unknown member
Jun 30

Hope it’s a good day! Happy Birthday! Stay clear of any wildlife!


Unknown member
Jun 26

Hi Alan, sounds like you are having quite the experience. I'm sure spending so much time riding your bike with your own thoughts you think deeply about things. Thanks for sharing. Hope your injuries heal quickly and you can continue forward.

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