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I fought the deer and the deer won Week one on the tour divide

Updated: Jun 21

So this pedaling pensioner has been smashed by the difficulty in Canada over the last week or so. After making my way through the difficulties of the first four days, including a very crowded night at Butts cabin I managed to injure myself while pushing my loaded bike up the Wall. I have done something to my neck and rib cage area, which makes it difficult to hold my head up. This intern makes it difficult to see where you’re going on the bike, especially when you’re headed downhill at speed.

So I arrived in Eureka, Montana and decided to take a rest day to see if I could recuperate. I had a burger and fries for lunch and had food poisoning by dinner. It was a rough night without much sleep. Halfway through the next day, I decided to take a break in a campground and to see if I could feel better. So I was resting at my picnic table when a deer came along and stole my neck gaiter. I chased her into the woods but no luck and the gaiter is gone.

After a couple hours of trying to rest and fighting off this deer, I finally gave up and rode onto another campsite. Forget worrying about bears, these Montana deer are very aggressive. Now I am in Whitefish

preparing to leave early tomorrow morning. Hopefully my neck will come good and I can ride many hours tomorrow.

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I never doubted that you had emotions my friend. Carry on and be kind to yourself

Me gusta

Looks like you’re trying to compete with our mud baths of the Gravel Trans Jura!

Me gusta

Despite the issues and the deer looks like you’re have a good time!

Me gusta
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