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Pedaling Pensioner trains for the Tour Divide

Updated: Jun 9

I don't know what my 70 year old body and mind are capable of but it looks like I am going to find out. This Pedaling Pensioner is flying to Calgary next week to start racing the Tour Divide on June 14th with 200 other riders. We will be headed south to the Mexican border at Antelope Wells. The ride is some 2700 miles and 160k of climbing. I am aiming to finish in 28 days. My main goal is to finish and experience some joy doing it. Unlike many of my competitors, I will try to get some sleep every night.

This ride/race will be solo and unsupported. I will be camping or finding hotels each night.

So why am I doing this now- maybe because the uncertainties of life become more obvious the older we get. There will be a time when I can’t do this ride so if not now when?

For the last 6 months I have been training and thinking about this ride. I discovered that I actually like the training and it has been a great process for me as I enter my 8th decade around the sun. I sleep more, drink less alcohol and have more energy. I have learned that putting in the hours is more important than the mileage and that I have to focus on the process, not the result.

It’s been a mental game- process vs results. I hope I can do the same on the Tour Divide.

Our son in law Ryan is also racing the Divide and we will be traveling together to the start in Banff.

You can check out our progress online

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Happy Birthday Alan and congrats on passing the 1000mi mark!


Hi Alan We are following your progress every day and try to figure out where you are spending the night. Some places look rather “interesting “. You are one tough dude! Looking forward to seeing you in Colorado.


Alan, I’m turning 70 soon as well, you are truly an inspiration. Your Durango cycling friends await your return and a of course, a full recap of your adventure.



Fantastic, Alan. I am sure you will do this…if not now is so right.


Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan
08 de jun.

I'm leaving Spain for Portugal tomorrow. But I live in Calgary and would be heading out to view the riders somewhere along the Smith-Dorrien. But, rather than thinking myself a pedalling pensioner, I feel more of a slow cycling senior. And, at any age, 28 days is impressive for the TD. One hundred tough miles a day, every day, for a month.

My wife has given approval for me to go on the route when I return from Europe. I think that's pretty good support after I've been away for seven months. But I'll be aiming for three months, not one.

Good luck with your ride. What's your spot name so I can track how you're doing!

Alan Millar
Alan Millar
08 de jun.
Respondendo a

This post was unedited and I am trying to fix spot name is Alan Millar

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